From brochure to interactive medias, Immeractive is your one-stop shop for all the medias concerning the promotion of your project

High Quality Images

  • Visual support to better promote your project
  • All our images are in 4K and available in 360° format
  • Each image is tailored to your taste
  • Highly detailed

360° Démo


  • Video support to better promote your project
  • Add typography animation for better communication
  • Show every aspect of your project

Visualization of your project in an embryonic state

  • Visualise your project from the onset
  • We can start from sketches
  • Visualise your creaziest ideas with high fidelity
  • We help you mature your project to its fullest

Interactive Media

Want to distinguish yourself ? Want an experience that has never been done or imagined ? Want to give your clients an unique experience ?At Immeractive, your ideas come to life.

Interior Configurator

  • Customise your interior with real world scanned materials
  • Give your clients the possibility to design their own interior before construction
  • A unique way to experience your project

Interactive sale experience

  • Give freedom to your sale agents
  • Database driven
  • Always up to date

Tailored made

  • Customised project
  • We visualise your dreams
  • With our solution: we create your dream to life


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