PixelCoat by Immeractive

PixelCoat is a digital showroom experience created by Immeractive. With PixelCoat, we assist sales in entirely new ways while being faster at a higher quality than any other application out there. Swap out materials, create unique setups, show your clients your whole catalog in a matter of minutes, … all of this is not only possible with PixelCoat but it is presented in a fun and interactive way.

Our application is at the forefront of the future by utilizing the latest technologies along with an all-in-one tiered subscription model to make our clients’ lives easier.

PixelCoat is straightforward, clean and practical. We didn’t set out to create a cumbersome application that requires years to master, instead we set out to create the most accessible experience possible that can be learned in minutes.

Simple drag and drop

Quality first

PixelCoat was designed from the beginning with industry specialists and high-resolution references. This was a necessity to achieve the quality PixelCoat offers our clients today. We wouldn’t settle for less.

For everyone

While we offer a wide array of possible interactions PixelCoat has always been simple and easy to use. You don’t need a computer science degree to understand the possibilities with our application.

PixelCoat can be used as an interactive tool together with your clients or as a stand-alone digital brochure in the showroom. Either way, it offers to do more in a space-efficient way.

Rename, add, remove, ...
Easily add favorites and compare

A new world

PixelCoat offers a Virtual Reality mode to convince your customers even more and give them an experience they’ll never forget.

Instead of imaging your living room with any presented tiles you could actually be in that room while being able to easily swap out your floor material to your likings.

VR has a convincing emotional impact, it is the final step to fully persuade a customer of his selection.

Sell faster

Another advantage we offer is the ability to receive new collections faster than ever before. Instead of waiting for brochures and images, you can download the new collections the moment they are announced, keeping your digital catalog always up-to-date.

Our base subscription offers 15 collections.

Example overview of your collections
Presets help you choose the right setup

Sell differently

In the age of rapid digitalization and international competition, PixelCoat offers both flexibility and modularity to fit your customers.

Our clients can choose to have a static setup in the showroom or sell on the go with customized interiors made for their customers. In any way, PixelCoat is the road to the future of sales.


Choose sizes

Swap colors

Multiple joint colors

Ambiance comparison

Together we grow

The best thing about PixelCoat is that it is always evolving, together with our clients. Our roadmap consists of highly requested features sorted by criticality and utility.
PixelCoat will only get better from here, offering more advanced functionality, languages and collections over time.

Our support is provided by highly skilled people with years of experience in
our domain. Problems with hardware or software will be quickly resolved by our team and we’ll do everything to keep you 24/7 operational.


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